Job Posting and Recruitment Procedure

Date: September 6, 2017

Whenever jobs are posted by employer/recruiters online, inspects and verifies approval prior to posting online. The formal recruiting process starts once the employer issues the workers’ demand documents in the name of ManpowerLink Pvt. Ltd.


As per the rules and regulations of Ministry of Labor and Employment&Government of Nepal, the following documents duly attested by the concerned authorities are requested from the employers:
Demand Letter: A formal letter issued by the employer addressing Manpower Link Pvt. Ltd. with full detail of the job categories, number of workers, monthly salary, contract period, working hours and all other facilities like food, accommodation medical and air passage.

Power of Attorney:A letter issued by the employer authorizing Manpower Link Pvt. Ltd. to act on behalf of the employer in recruiting the required number of workers and to carry out all necessary formalities related with the respective Embassy and the related agencies of the government of Nepal.

Agency Contract/Agreement Paper: This agreement is made between Manpower Link Pvt. Ltd.and the Employer Company on the Employer company’s letter head stating clearly and precisely all terms and conditions regarding recruitment of manpower from Nepal.

Employment Contract/Agreement Paper: This agreement is made between the Employer and the Employee on the company’s letterhead stating clearly and precisely all terms and conditions regarding manpowersupply from Nepal
Guarantee Letter: In the mean-time, we are seeking international partners who are highly qualified, efficient and skilled professionals able to provide remarkable achievements to the Jobseekers by recruiting them at the exact and the right places. The organization must ensure reasonable casting for the Jobseeker.

Consulate Authorization Letter (Wakala) (For Saudi Arabia only):
This letter is issued by the employer addressing the Consulate General of the respective embassy intimating him of appointment of Manpower Link Pvt. Ltd. as the lawful agent of the employer their authorization to act on behalf of the employers and to carry out all visa formalities with the embassy with particular visa. The Consular letter is applicable in case of issue of original visa by the employer and in most cases it is applicable for recruitment of Royal Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


On the receipt of original documents, we approach the Nepal Government, Ministry of Labor and employment, Department of Foreign Employment for government permission and they may contact you directly to verify these documents. On such occasions we kindly request you for your kind co-operation with this verification.
Advertisement: After granting the permission from government authorities, the job vacancies will be advertised in newspapers, radio, TV channel etc.
Pre-screening: Once job vacancies are advertised, the pre-screening of all suitable Jobseekers will be made.
Final interview: We apply three interview techniques for the selection of short-listed Jobseekers.
Direct Employer Interview: Many employers visit Nepal for final interview. We make all necessary preparations for interview. We call short-listed Jobseekers for the particular day.
Video Conferencing: This is for those who are too busy to come to Nepal to interview the Jobseekers selected in preliminary selection. We make every arrangement for the interview between employers and the employee through video conferencing.
CV Selection by Employer: In many cases, we send CVs of Jobseekers to employer via email (soft copy) or courier (hardcopy) and employers themselves select the CVs.
On behalf of employer: Sometimes employers give full authority to manpower consultant for entire selection procedures. In such case, we carry out interview on behalf of employer abroad and make all dispatching arrangements to the employment destination.


All the selected Jobseekers are sent for medical check-up to the authorized medical centers.


Only the visa processes of Jobseekers who are medically fit and available for travel are processed. The concerned employer applies for the visa.


On receipt of the visas, Manpower Link Pvt. Ltd.will get final permission/approval from the Department of Foreign Employment, Government of Nepal in order to recruit the Nepalese worker for the foreign employment.


On receipt of the visas we try to dispatch them as soon as possible and as per our experience we normally send them from the day 7 to 14 days.


The air tickets can be provided either by PTA or local purchase to avoid delay. In all case, we sent all the visa endorsements, passport to the concerned airlines to confirm the schedule flight from Nepal to the nearest airport of the working site. The company provides the Airport assistance in Nepal for departing Jobseekers and informs the employer of their departure through fax, email or telephone 12 to 24 hours before the departure.


Before departure, we make them the affidavit to be signed between the worker and the recruitment agency. After signing of the contract with the workers, we make travel arrangements. This also includes handling over all the documents (original passport, air ticket, and orientation certificate to the employee. With the best wishes, workers leave to the airport for their destination.
Visa Slip (For Saudi Arabia Only)
Commercial Registration Certificate
Copy of Identity Card / Passport of Employer