Labour Minister hints at crackdown on

Kathmandu, May 17
After its success in dissolving transport entrepreneurs’ syndicates, it seems, the government is now preparing to launch another crackdown on similar practices in foreign employment recruitment sector.
Minister for Labour, Employment and Social Security Gokarna Bista claims that he has already told the Ministry of Home Affairs to launch an investigation and take action against organisations which have been carrying out various activities to pocket undue commissions from workers in the sector.
A source claims that the Home Ministry is currently preparing to respond to Bista’s request in action. The government may file organised crime and fraud cases against people and organisations fleecing foreign employment aspirants, according to the source.
Minister Bista organised a press conference in Kathmandu to claim that the government would not let businesses collect additional charges from foreign employment aspirants other than those fixed by the government and those mentioned in employment contracts.
“The system in which thousands of Nepalis get cheated in the interest of a handful of people will not last long,” Bista said, “The government will scrap all illegal activities.”
Published on May 17th, Thursday, 2018 2:02 PM
Date: June 22, 2018

Nepal may stop sending workers to Malaysia till labour agreement

Kathmandu, June 21
The government of Nepal says it may stop sending migrant workers to Malaysia, one of the most popular labour destinations for Nepali youth, till the two countries sign a labour agreement.
The Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security says it will stop sending the workers as repeated negotiation attempts for the agreement failed. However, the Ministry says workers who are at the final stage of obtaining labour permit will not be barred from flying.
Currently, the process of sending workers to this country has been halted after the government has stopped giving labour permits in a bid to stop activities of various companies involved in fleecing migrant workers. Instead, the government is preparing to sign a labour agreement.
The two countries have already held rounds of discussions for the agreement, but in vain mainly due to the apathy of host government.
After the two governments sign such agreement, workers’ minimum wage and other facilities, insurance, security benefits and other issues will be decided beforehand.
“Currently, there are many problems are physical and financial security of our workers in Malaysia,” an official at the Ministry says, “Therefore, we have begun discussions about sending the workers only after signing the labour agreement.”

Published on ,June 21st, Thursday, 2018 1:48 PM
Date: June 22, 2018